Plutus Wallet – crypto wallet & portfolio simulator app for Android

The number one crypto portfolio
simulator & crypto wallet

The easiest and most fun way to manage
your virtual crypto wallet and experiment risk-free.
People that use cryptocurrency coin wallets
Portfolio Simulator

Manage your virtual crypto wallet and experiment with different strategies without any real risks.

Market Data

100+ authentic cryptocurrencies and tokens with live exchange rates, each described and categorized. Explore the market, see the latest trends and check trade signals.

Leaderboards & Rewards

Compete with your best crypto portfolio against other users for places in the leaderboards and get rewards in Satoshi.

Auto Rebalance

Bring your cryptocurrency portfolio back to its targets automatically or with a tap of a button. Be in control of your results.

Multiple Portfolios

Create and manage your coin wallet with up to 10 portfolios simultaneously and try different strategies.


Explore and follow the most successful users and copy their best strategies to your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Daily Bonus

Get a daily Satoshi bonus for using Plutus Wallet every day.

Latest News

Subscribe to the latest news from the best users, about the best portfolios. Write posts and share your thoughts with the Plutus Wallet community.

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Plutus AI is a mobile-friendly crypto wallet
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I have achieved really good results with my virtual portfolio
Now I want to increase my real crypto-assets with Plutus Wallet. Is that possible?
Sure! Create a new portfolio, choose the Real Pie option
And link your crypto exchange account with your Plutus Wallet account.
Ok. Sounds easy enough, thanks!
Ok. Sounds easy enough, thanks!
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The web-version of Plutus Wallet is currently in development. We will contact you as soon as the service is up and running. For more news and updates please visit our Facebook and Reddit pages.
  • Plutus Wallet (v.1.0.22) 28.01.19
    • Features and tweaks:
    • Added connection to the HitBTC crypto exchange using API keys
    • Tweaked the virtual Portfolio capacity: 1 BTC / 1000 USDT
    • Updated interface with various hints and tips for a more intuitive user experience
    • Live chat with developers is up and running
    • FAQ updated and extended
    • Login troubleshooting added
    • Added new animations to the welcome screens
    • Added new coins with relevant logos and descriptions
    • Fixes:
    • Improvement of Rebalance and management core-mechanics
    • Various bug-fixes
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Plutus Wallet?
Plutus Wallet is the number one crypto portfolio simulator & crypto wallet. The easiest and most fun way to manage your crypto wallet and experiment risk-free.
What do you mean Plutus Wallet is risk-free? Is there real money and/or investing involved?
You manage authentic cryptocurrencies with live exchange rates. Because everything else is a virtual simulation, there is no real trading taking place. In other words - no real investing, trading or moneyinvolved.
Сan I connect Plutus Wallet to a crypto exchange if I want to?
You can connect Plutus Wallet to your HitBTC account. More exchanges will be supported in the near future. If you have an HitBTC account, use the two keys from Settings>API keys. If you don’t have an HitBTC account, follow the link, create an HitBTC account, get your keys and connect.
How do I withdraw the Satoshi rewards?
At this moment the Satoshi earned in Plutus Wallet cannot be withdrawn. We will be adding the option to withdraw the Satoshi to your cryptocurrency wallet soon.
Where do the live exchange rates come from?
All the exchange rates are live and duplicated from the HitBTC exchange platform. Because all cryptocurrency exchanges work with so-called trading pairs (e.g. XMR/BTC; XMR/USD), the value of a particular cryptocurrency (Coin) is the ratio of your Portfolio’s base currency (BTC or USD) and the selected Coin (XMR).
How do Leaderboards work in Plutus Wallet?
In the Leaderboard section you will find the 10 best Portfolios (Pies) within different time periods (24 hours / 1 week / 1 month) and base currencies (BTC or USDT). You can follow the ones you like and/or copy them to your Portfolio. You will receive various rewards, like trophies and Satoshi, depending on your Pie’s place in the leaderboards. Soon you will be able to see your place in the current leaderboard even if you are outside the visible Top 10.
What kind of rewards do I get?

Users with Portfolios in the Top 10 receive a Gold Trophy + Satoshi Reward.

Users with Portfolios from place 11 to 100 receive a Silver Trophy.

Users with Portfolios from place 101 to 1000 receive a Bronze Trophy.

Which platforms are supported?

Android: beta-version on Google Play Store

Web: currently in development

Will there be other languages supported?
Yes, we will add them later on. For now the app is English-only.
Where did the name Plutus Wallet come from?
Plutus is the Greek god of wealth and Wallet is…well, a wallet with virtual cryptocurrencies:) Sounds cool, right?
What is the difference between a Portfolio and a Pie?
A Pie is a collection of maximum five cryptocurrencies (we call them Coins) of your choice. All Pies combined forms your Portfolio.
How many Pies can I create? Can I add and remove Coins from the Pies?
You can create up to 10 Pies. Delete obsolete or edit your existing Pies if needed. Coins can be added to and removed from a Pie at any time.
What is the Allocation function?
A Pie has five empty slots to which you can assign up-to five different Coins. These newly added Coins are being automatically allocated in even parts. You can always change the allocation manually, separately for each Coin.
What is (automatic) Rebalance for?
Rebalancing brings your Pie automatically back to its targets. As exchange rates change over time, the initial target allocations will shift. This may result in a Pie that no longer aligns with your strategies and expected results. You can either do it manually with a tap of a button or choose the auto function in the Management section and rebalance every hour or every 24 hours.
Why do the target allocations sometimes differ from those set by the user??

After tapping the Apply button in the Allocate Pie section, an attempt is made to trade the Coins of your choice in the specified proportions. If the restrictions of the exchange platform do not allow this, the percentages (i.e. the ratio of your Coins) may differ from those indicated before applying the allocations.

For example:

On HitBTC, the minimum amount of a Bitcoin transaction is 0,01. If your balance does not allow you to complete such a transaction, you will receive a warning and a different final allocation of Coins within the Pie will be made.

This is all too difficult for me, but I’m really interested in this product!
We have created an informative tutorial to help you get started. There is also the FAQ (frequently asked questions), which will be updated regularly and we will be adding useful tooltips as well!
Where did my amusing Username come from?
Plutus Wallet came up with it! If you don’t like this one, don’t worry, you can always generate a new one:) uses Cookies to ensure the best experience for you.