Plutus Wallet is the smart and friendly
crypto-assets portfolio simulator

The most easy and fun way to manage and experiment
with virtual crypto-assets risk-free.



Portfolio Simulator

The most easy and fun way to manage and experiment with virtual crypto-assets risk-free.

Market Data

100+ authentic cryptocurrencies and tokens with live exchange rates, each described and categorized. Explore the market, see the latest trends and check trade signals.

Leaderboards & Rewards

Compete with your best portfolio against other users for places in the leaderboards and get rewards in Satoshi.

Auto Rebalance

Bring your Portfolio back to its targets automatically or with a tap of a button. Be in control of your results.

Multiple Portfolios

Create and manage up to 10 Portfolios simultaneously and try different strategies.


Explore and follow the most successful users and copy their best strategies to your Portfolio.

Daily Bonus

Get a daily Satoshi bonus for using Plutus Wallet every day

Latest News

Subscribe to the latest news from the best users. Write posts and share your thoughts.

Main portfolio tracker screen of Plutus app Plutus coin wallet desktop version of the portfolio screen


mobile crypto portfolio tracker
Top users and their public crypto portfolios
Asset management panel of Plutus AI Crypto wallet

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Plutus AI is a mobile-friendly crypto wallet
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I have achieved really good results with my virtual portfolio
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Ok. Sounds easy enough, thanks!
Ok. Sounds easy enough, thanks!
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