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100+ cryptocurrencies and Market Data

100+ cryptocurrencies and real market data for your everyday practice with Plutus Wallet

Plutus Wallet is the smart and friendly crypto wallet and portfolio simulator. For us as developers, it was extremely important to make this app interesting both for experienced crypto traders and those who are just simply interested in cryptocurrency.

So how did we combine the two opposites?

In Plutus Wallet you manage 100+ different cryptocurrencies, from the Top 10 coins on CoinMarketCap to tokens unknown for casual users. Among the most popular coins we have Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, TRON, as well as other leaders from all crypto charts. Users who are used to always try something new and unusual, will be able to choose such assets as Dorado, Bankera and many others. For the more experienced traders, it is always important to have a few unusual coins alongside the more popular ones, in case of suitable market signals.

Screen of Add Coin Section in Plutus Wallet app
Add Coin Section in Plutus Wallet app

Each coin has a up-to-date logo, a capacious description and is categorized. This gives even the casual user the opportunity to make a competent choice. In the process of adding the currency to the Pie, the user can also analyze the coin’s monthly rate relative to BTC and USDT. This allows the soon-to-be crypto-trader to make the right choices in building his portfolio.

One of the most standout features of Plutus Wallet is the cryptocurrency portfolio simulator with live exchange rates and actual market data.

So where does this data come from?

All the exchange rates are duplicated from the HitBTC exchange platform. Because all cryptocurrency exchanges work with so-called trading pairs (e.g. XMR/BTC; XMR/USD), the value of a particular cryptocurrency (Coin) is the ratio of your Portfolio’s base currency (BTC or USDT) and the selected Coin (XMR).

This all makes Plutus Wallet not only one of the best application for taking the first steps on the cryptocurrency market, but also allows experienced traders to invest in less-known coins without risks!

Start to learn how to invest and have fun with Plutus Wallet:

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