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Best Crypto Portfolios Of The Past Week: 23 Apr, 2019

Let’s talk about the ten best portfolios of the past week and analyze how these particular crypto portfolios got a place in the Top 10 Leaderboards.

Top 10 Portfolios. Base Currency – Bitcoin

Top Bitcoin 1
Top Bitcoin 3

Top 10 Portfolios. Base Currency – Bitcoin

Tether Leaderboard 1
Tether Leaderboard 2

How these Portfolios got into the Top 10?

It’s been an eventful week for the crypto market. Quite a few cryptocurrency coins have shown good results, but StockChain Coin’s results were just impossible to overlook.

On Friday, April the 19th, the price had increased eight-fold! As of right now, SCC stays stable with a 150% increase in value compared to the beginning of the week. Those users, who have added SCC coin to their portfolios, are now enjoying the benefits of having reached a place in the Top 10 Leaderboard. Join the best and get rewarded with a significant amount of Plutus Coins!

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