Best Crypto Portfolios Of The Week
Best Crypto Portfolios Of The Week

Best Crypto Portfolios Of The Week: July 1, 2019

The past week was a real roller coaster ride for the whole crypto market! The BTC price showed positive growth for the last 7 days. The peak value of $13,750 was reached on Wednesday, June 26. After the expected price drop, BTC is now traded at the $10 606,55 mark, which is 3.88% higher than the week before. This price change also affected other major currencies, though negatively, Ethereum dropping 6.97%, followed by Ripple’s 13.45%, and EOS fall of 19.58%.

However, there were some clear gainers too! Chainlink (LINK) project showed the most impressive increase in price, with a result of +111% for the week. Chainlink launched its Mainnet a month ago and is being actively supported by the largest imageboard community 4chan. Among the leaders, you can see Egretia (EGT) with a result of +78% and Lambda (LAMB) with a result of +60%.

All these events on the crypto market gave our users the opportunity to adjust their virtual cryptocurrency portfolio and achieve impressive results. 

Now let’s have a closer look at our top 10 users’ crypto portfolio examples and perform a crypto portfolio analysis to find out which results they’ve achieved!

Top 10 portfolios. Base currency - Bitcoin

First place on the weekly BTC crypto portfolio chart was taken by user Pearl Aqua Dragonfly #2743. He choose to go with Freyrchain (FREC) Coin, ultimately showing a result of 71.02%. 

A similar strategy was used by users, whose portfolios ranked second and third. Fancying Freychain as the only crypto Coin in their portfolios, they achieved almost identical results, +71.02% and 70.99% respectively. Portfolios ranked from 10th to 4th adopted identical strategies, going for two cryptocurrency Coins – BetterBetting (BETR) and BlitzPredict (XBP).
The only exception was Ruby Red Turtle #6810. He secured 5th place, managing Bitcoin (BTC),  Freyrchain (FREC), Faceter (FACE) and Social (SCL). Bold move!

Top 10 portfolios. Base currency - USDT

As you can see from the USDT crypto portfolio chart, last week’s main star at users portfolios was Neurotoken (NTK). Each crypto portfolio ranked from 10th to 2nd added it to their collection, combined with USDT on several occasions for balancing purposes. This resulted in a growth of 62.71% to 66.21% . 

However, Tractor Red Alligator #2097 went for a completely different strategy. His portfolio was based on Freyrchain (FREC), Banca (BANCA,) Tether (USDT) and Alphacat (ACAT). This decision got him 1st place on the weekly leaderboard, with his crypto portfolio balance gaining a whopping 98.73%.

Our congratulations to all the winners! The cryptocurrency portfolio simulator Plutus Wallet has already distributed the Plutus Coins rewards to the designated accounts. 

 Let us remind you that there is always the opportunity to participate and reach one of the six leaderboards. All you need to do is install Plutus Wallet on your device (Android, iOS or PC/Mac) and create good cryptocurrency portfolio.

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