Best Crypto Portfolios Of The Week

Best Crypto Portfolios Of The Week: August 06, 2019

Over the past week, the total capitalization of the market increased by more than 5% totalling $311 billion. The main growth factor was the Bitcoin (BTC) price increase. The breakthrough came with a 20% increase and reached $11,700. The price growth is taking place at a time of a worsening situation in the global economy and the biggest drop in the stock market in recent years. The reduction of interest rates by the US Federal Reserve also stimulated investments in cryptocurrency. Of the top 10 crypto coins, Stellar (XLM) showed a minimum growth of 0.5%, whose price is at a local quarterly low. Tezos (XTZ) had the highest dynamics and added 43% to its value before listing on the largest exchange Coinbase.

In general, last week was positive for the crypto market as a whole and allowed many participants to make a profit. We encourage you to evaluate the success of our users and see how well they were able to use current conditions in managing their virtual crypto portfolios.

Top 10 Portfolios. Base Currency — USDT

Top 10 Portfolios. Base Currency — USDT
Top 10 Portfolios. Base Currency — USDT
Top 10 Portfolios. Base Currency — USDT

The winner of our weekly Top 10 Leaderboard, Purple Plum Frog #4473 took first place with a combination of Sentinel (SENT) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and impressively increased his portfolio by 92.74%. But that’s not all! 

Using the advantage to participate in the competition with several portfolios, he was able to reach five more (!) places in the rankings, namely from tenth to second. To get such a result, he used different combinations of Tether (USDT), Tezos (XTZ) and Sentinel (SENT). This allowed him to get profitability from 71.12% to 89.93%. We sincerely congratulate him on such a wonderful result! Other users from the Top 10 list used CroudWiz (WIZ), Patron (PAT), Callisto Network (CLO) combinations in their virtual Pies, and increased the value of their portfolios ranging from 73.9% to 85%.

As you can be, our users applied quite some interesting strategies and achieved results that were much higher compared to those of the crypto market! We were glad to reward them with a well-deserved amount of Plutus Coins! Please be reminded that you can always use various methods to win the competition – come up with unique and profitable combinations of cryptocurrencies and manage their balance. Or you can try copy the strategy of the winners – partially or fully. The choice is yours!

If you want to take part in our weekly best crypto portfolio competition and get your piece of the crypto Pie, simply install the Plutus Wallet app for your device (Android, iOS and Desktop are supported), log in, and start managing your crypto portfolio!

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