Meet Binance Exchange in Plutus Wallet for Android

Meet Binance Exchange in Plutus Wallet for Android!

Two is always better than one, and having a choice is always better than its absence. We understood this once we added HitBTC exchange support to Plutus Wallet. Users need to be able to choose various trading platforms. Our team has been working all this time to add support for more exchanges. Well, the time has come! The new update includes Binance exchange support and can be downloaded from Google Play.

But there is more! The new Take Profit / Stop Loss feature, as well as a significant update of the UI – all of this available to you starting from today.

Binance Exchange Support

In previous versions of Plutus Wallet, all currency operations were based on the HitBTC exchange when creating and managing any type of portfolio – virtual or real Pie. Now, when you create a new virtual portfolio, you initially choose which exchange you want to associate it with.

This choice influences a number of factors, including the collection of available crypto coins and their rates. The base currency remains the same, though, namely – USDT.

Virtual portfolios associated with Binance will participate in the Top 10 competitions, and users will receive Plutus Coins as a reward for the highest positions in the leaderboards. To some extent, that is a unique way of competing between fans of HitBTC and Binance exchanges. So may the smartest win!

Trade on Binance with Real Pie

But it’s not just about virtual portfolios. With this update, you can trade on Binance for real using the Plutus Wallet interface, the same way as with HitBTC – by creating a Real Pie. To do so, you’ll need a Binance account and connect it with Plutus Wallet via API keys. A detailed instruction on how to connect now appears in the app itself.

Please note: According to the rules of the exchange platform, all trading operations on Binance start with a 10 USDT deposit. This means that you must have at least 10 USDT on your account to start trading using the Real Pie. You can add funds to your balance using the Changelly replenishment service within Plutus Wallet.

As with HitBTC, Plutus Wallet does not charge any commission for using the new functionality with Binance. There is only the fee from the exchange itself for each Real Pie deal you make using the platform. Here’s full Binance fees list:

Be in control - Take Profit / Stop Loss

Managing multiple portfolios often requires lots of attention. Our users have often asked if portfolio control can be automated to avoid excessive risks, and we have added this functionality.

Just swipe your virtual portfolio’s tab to the left and open Take Profit / Stop Loss screen.

Now you can manage the growth and decrease of your portfolio and not worry about any scenarios that you have not foreseen result-wise. All you need to do is to set limits to the growth and decrease values of your portfolio. Set the sliders to the levels that suit you.

Once the limits are reached, all crypto coins in the portfolio will be converted to USDT, thus locking the current balance. In this case, you can change the configuration of your portfolio, bearing in mind the results of the investment strategy of your previous portfolio. Overall, the new TP/SL feature is a great way to control your results.

Changes to the Top 10 Leaderboard

One of the most frequent requests from the Plutus Wallet users concerned the leaderboards. All virtual portfolios were registered at once, without moderation of their content, which led to a situation, where the Top 10 leaderboard would consist of the same set of cryptocurrencies from different users.

With the release of the update, we have revised the leaderboard structure. From now on, the ranking in the Top 10 leaderboards is divided into groups with unique sets of cryptocurrencies. The portfolio with the highest growth within its group wins and is displayed in the leaderboard. And it is this portfolio that receives the Plutus Coins reward. As a result, the Top 10 leaderboards will always be diverse, giving you the opportunity to find new profitable combinations of crypto coins.

Feel the difference: the new design of Plutus Wallet

For several weeks now, our Android users have been using Plutus Wallet with a new design. The old grey colour palette has been replaced by a dark blue one, while the interface has improved and become more intuitive. The poll in our telegram-chat showed that most of the respondents liked the new colour version more. Join the telegram chat, communicate with other users and help Plutus Wallet become even better!

The new version of Plutus Wallet is available on Google Play. The new features will be added to iOS and the web version later.  Stay tuned for more updates with Medium, Facebook,  Telegram,  Twitter,  Reddit, and Instagram.

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