Bitcoin SV — The Best Coin Of The Past Week

Every week we choose one coin or token from the many different projects that are out there and tell in detail about the team behind it and the goals it pursues. Usually, these are also coins that showed a high-profit last week.

Today we’re going to talk about Bitcoin SV.

What is Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin Cash SV is a cryptography-based payment system that was created on November 15, 2018, after the hard fork of cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash. This cryptocurrency has support from entrepreneur Craig Wright and multi-billionaire Kelvin Eyre.

The main reason for the creation of cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash SV was the desire of the community not to deviate from the idea embedded in Bitcoin Cash.

At the software level, the differences are in the applied algorithms and blockchain size.

What is it used for?

As the original Bitcoin (BTC) protocol, Bitcoin SV was creating an independent decentralized registry of records capable of being used for independent guaranteed confirmation of actions.

It can also serve as a value equivalent, like fiat money, and be used in calculations for goods and services.

BTC SV price chart

Week (May 27 — June 02, 2019)

Last week’s BTC SV price chart (provided by CoinMarketCap)

Month (May 02, 2019 — June 02, 2019)

Last month’s BTC SV price chart (provided by CoinMarketCap)

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