BlitzPredict XBP — The Best Coin Of The Past Week (June 9).

As you can see from our latest week’s article about the best portfolios, almost all users from the Bitcoin leaderboard had the BlitzPredict (XBP) Coin in their crypto portfolios.

Let’s take a more detailed look at this cryptocurrency coin.

What is BlitzPredict?

BlitzPredict is a blockchain-based application that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to many of the problems that currently exist in the betting industry. Users can use the BlitzPredict platform to find reliable, transparent, betting advice available for purchase with the XBP token. XBP is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network and is used to power the blockchain-tracked expert advice to ensure complete transparency when determining wins and losses. Receive rewards if they are correct using the internal XBP token. BlitzPredict delivers a betting exchange focused on sports, esports and politics. XBP token team uses the conceptual and functional product development of one of the most famous projects in the field of blockchain predictions – Augur (REP). BlitzPredict also collaborates with another crypto project heavyweight – 0X (ZRX), which provides them with a platform for a decentralized internal crypto exchange.

What is it used for?

The XBP token is used to determine the exact price of predicting an event and the fair compensation of its author. It is also possible to form syndicates and solicit contributions from the community. Users can stake the syndicate with XBP.

XBP Price Chart Week (June 03 – June 10)

Last Weeks’ XBP price chart provided by CoinMarketCap

XBP Month Price Chart (May 10 – June 10)

Last Month XBP price chart provided by CoinMarketCap

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