Featured Image of Crypto portfolios post
Featured Image of Crypto portfolios post

Best Crypto Portfolios of the Week

We are happy to present to you our new weekly item – Top Crypto Portfolios of the Week. In these items we will talk about the ten best portfolios of the past week and analyze how these particular crypto portfolios got a place in the top 10 Leaderboards.

Top 10 Portfolios. Base Currency – Bitcoin

Screenshot of Bitcoin Leaderboard
Second screenshot of Bitcoin Leaderboard

Top 10 Portfolios. Base Currency – Tethery

First screenshot of Tether Leaderboard
Second screenshot of Tether Leaderboard

How these Portfolios got into the top 10?

Have a good look. All twenty crypto portfolios have one cryptocurrency Coin in common, namely Noah Coin. That’s not a coincidence by any means. All week, this particular cryptocurrency coin has been showing some extensive growth. Those users, who have added Noah Coin to their portfolios are now enjoying the benefits of having reached a place in the top 10 Leaderboard. And as you probably already know, you get nicely rewarded for that!

Noah Coin Charts from coinmarketcap
Noah Coin Charts from coinmarketcap.com

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