Emercoin (EMC) Coin Review

We continue our series of articles about the most interesting cryptocurrencies. Many of these coins are often used by Plutus Wallet users in the best crypto portfolio of the week competition. Today it’s time to talk about the successful Emercoin (EMC) cryptocurrency.

Emercoin is a digital currency and a blockchain platform supporting a wide range of distributed trusted services for business and personal use and was founded in 2013. Over the past 6 years, the company’s products have been used in various sectors of the economy.  The Emercoin protocol currently has several examples of successful implementation. On March 15, 2018, Coca-Cola, together with the U.S. Department of State, announced the use of Emercoin blockchain to administer a register of manufacturers as part of the campaign against forced labor. Later that year, Emercoin and the Tbilisi University of Business and Technology (Georgia) started their own collaboration and on August 2, 2018 introduced the Trusted Diploma system for diploma verification. Emercoin also introduced ENUMER, a blockchain technology for VoIP applications.

Emercoin market capitalization

The current capitalization of the project is $5,473,226 with the EMC coin price of $0.12. It should be noted that all coins issued at the launch of the network and through subsequent mining, are in circulation. Emercoin max supply is 1 000 000 0000 coins. The 24h volume of Emercoin (EMC) is $10 096.67.  Even though the price of the coin has changed a lot over the years the Emercoin price prediction can be made quite accurately. Over the last month, the Emercoin price was in the range of $0.08 and $0.15.

Emercoin (EMC) blockchain review

Emercoin is a broad infrastructure platform for various services. Users can obtain Emercoin from various money exchange markets worldwide, allowing to trade other currencies such as US Dollars and Bitcoins for EMC and vice versa. You can also get Emercoin by mining it through so-called Emercoin mining pools. Emercoin mining pool uses hybrid PoW (computational mining) + PoS (large stack storage on a special Emercoin wallet), and for PoW it uses merge mining with Bitcoin (BTC). All operations with coins can be traced on the Emercoin explorer website. Moreover, you can receive EMC as payment for products. All operations with coins can be traced on the Emercoin explorer website. A distinctive feature of Emercoin is its fully open-source code.

Emercoin (EMC) Roadmap

Emercoin (EMC) Roadmap

Despite the rather considerable lifespan of the project and a high number of services, the Emercoin team is far from finished implementing all of its plans. After Emercoin ICO was completed, a lot of features have already been launched.

The team has a great planning horizon, and there are many challenges for the next three years, which should have a positive impact on Emercoin price prediction in the long term.

Emercoin (EMC) Latest News

The official Twitter account provides a detailed description of the team’s activities and partially answers questions about Emercoin mining pool, Emercoin wallet and Emercoin explorer. Emercoin publishes detailed monthly reports on activities, challenges and plans for the near future.

Emercoin (EMC) - Where to trade and buy

Since its release, Emercoin has been quite active in cooperating with various stock exchanges. At the moment, Emercoin is listed on 7 crypto exchanges with a sum of 16 active markets. EMC coin is traded with Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH) and Tether (USDT). If you want to use other cryptocurrencies to buy Emercoin, you can read our detailed guide on this topic. The simplest way to buy Emercoin – use the Changelly service and buy Bitcoin, and then exchange the Bitcoin for one of the exchanges, for example, HitBTC

Emercoin (EMC) Weekly Price Chart

Emercoin Month price chart

As it can be seen from the charts, the Emercoin price is at a local low, so within Emercoin price prediction you could expect rapid growth of Emercoin value.

Emercoin (EMC) Summary

Emercoin is a successful concept, which is used in many areas of the real economy. The team’s experience allows it to successfully apply cryptography and decentralization in many sectors. With its strategic vision and a large number of business connections with IT market leaders, the project is able to pursue long-term goals and successfully implement them.

The Plutus Wallet application holds competitions for the most successful crypto portfolios of the day, week or month. Due to regular news, the relative success of Emercoin price prediction and the hard work of the Emercoin team, Emercoin is often part of successful portfolios. If you want to take part in these competitions, as well as buy or trade Emercoin on the exchange, just download Plutus Wallet (iOS, Android, and Desktop versions are supported), register and begin to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

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