HVN Token
HVN Token

Hiveterminal Token – The Best Cryptocurrency Coin Of The Past Week

In our recent article about the best crypto portfolios of the week, we mentioned the Hiveterminal Token (HVN), which stood out and made an impact!
Now let’s get into some more details about this cryptocurrency coin.

About Hiveterminal Token (HVN)

Hiveterminal Token (HVN) is a cryptocurrency token which operates on the Ethereum platform. Currently, it has a supply of 500 billion tokens with 410 billion tokens in circulation and a market cap equal to $5,5 billion USD.

What is it used for?

Hiveterminal Token (HVN) is a utility token of the Hiveterminal used for all transactions on this platform.

Using blockchain, the Hiveterminal cuts costs, automates processes and eliminates invoice duplication to open up new sources of financial liquidity to small businesses, creating high-return investment opportunities for invoice buyers in the process.

Hiveterminal token price chart


last week’s HVN coin price chart


last month’s HVN coin price chart

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