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How to get Satoshi coins?

How to get Satoshi for free in Plutus Wallet?

Dear Plutus Wallet followers,

As promised, today we will tell you more about Satoshi – the cryptocurrency we use as the in-app currency.

What is Satoshi?


Satoshi is an indivisible unit of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, named after Satoshi Nakamoto, a name used by the unknown founder and creator of Bitcoin.
We would love to show you the Satoshi symbol, but its fate is no less curious than the fate of its founder. Introduced more than ten years ago, Satoshi still has no official symbol. Reddit users even started a flash mob proposing over fifty versions of the Satoshi symbol.

                            Get FREE Satoshi rewards in Plutus Wallet

Various versions of the Satoshi symbol proposedby Reddit users

How to get Satoshi for free?

The largest Satoshi amounts are rewarded for the best-performing cryptocurrency Pies of your portfolio, which have reached the top 10 in one of the Plutus Wallet Leaderboards.

Plutus Wallet has a total of six leaderboards, differing by period (daily, weekly, monthly leaderboards) and the Pie’s base currency (Bitcoin or USDT).
The amount of Satoshi free rewards completely depends on the ranking of your Pie and which particular leaderboard it has reached.

Rewards, depending on the ranking of your Pie and the leaderboard reached:

        Daily Leaderboard: 500 – 2000 Satoshi
        Weekly Leaderboard: 1500 – 5000 Satoshi
        Monthly Leaderboard: 5000 – 20000 Satoshi

 You will get a special popup message, indicating the leaderboard and the amount of Satoshi received.

In addition, you will get a random amount, variating from 50 to 150 Satoshi, as a daily bonus just for using Plutus Wallet. So be sure to use the app today and get more Satoshi for free!

More about the Leaderboard mechanics in our next post.

If have questions left, visit our FAQ for more information. Feel free to ask us a question directly within the app’s chat. We will be glad to help.

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