"How to reach the Leaderboards top?"
"How to reach the Leaderboards top?"

How to reach the Leaderboards top in Plutus Wallet?

Dear Plutus Wallet followers,

It’s time to talk about Leaderboards and how they’re working.

What is a Leaderboard?

Leaderboards are one of the oldest social features used in games. It increases the level of competition amongst players by ranking them in different ways with the aim of creating a more immersive experience. In Plutus Wallet, the Leaderboards work exactly the same way. We hope that the competitive spirit will help you achieve even greater results.

How do the leaderboards works in Plutus Wallet?

Plutus Wallet has a total of six leaderboards. They differ by period (daily, weekly, monthly leaderboards) and the Pie’s base currency (Bitcoin or USDT). The amount of Satoshi free rewards completely depends on the ranking of your Pie and which particular leaderboard it has reached.

Table of Rewards

Place Daily rewards Weekly rewards Monthly rewards
1 2000 Satoshi 5000 Satoshi 20000 Satoshi
2 1700 Satoshi 4400 Satoshi 17000 Satoshi
3 1500 Satoshi 3900 Satoshi 15000 Satoshi
4 1300 Satoshi 3500 Satoshi 13000 Satoshi
5 1100 Satoshi 3100 Satoshi 11000 Satoshi
6 900 Satoshi 2700 Satoshi 9000 Satoshi
7 800 Satoshi 2400 Satoshi 8000 Satoshi
8 700 Satoshi 2100 Satoshi 7000 Satoshi
9 600 Satoshi 1800 Satoshi 6000 Satoshi
10 500 Satoshi 1500 Satoshi 5000 Satoshi


Learn from the best

Even if you haven’t yet achieved the desired results – cheer up, you are here to learn! At any time you can open the Top 10 section and examine the strategies of the current best crypto coin and altcoin portfolios of other users. Analyze them and build your own successful coin portfolio. Or just copy one of the top coin portfolios to your collection. Do note – your own efforts achieve the most successful results.


The leaderboard is an all-round tool that can improve your coin portfolio management skills. Use it wisely, and you will definitely achieve your goals!

If you have questions, see our FAQ or feel free to ask us directly within the app’s chat.

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