Featured Image of Invite Friends To Plutus Wallet And Earn Cryptocurrency Together

Invite Friends To Plutus Wallet And Earn Cryptocurrency Together

We are pleased to announce the latest Plutus Wallet update: referral bonus program, redesigned user interface and more!

Invite friends and get rewarded!

From now on, you can invite your friends to join Plutus Wallet by sharing your referral link or code. Once a friend submits your code or installs the app via the link, he becomes your referral and instantly receives 100 Plutus Coins. You, on the other hand, will receive a 10% fee bonus from each deal your referrals make through their real portfolios in Plutus Wallet.

How can I invite a friend?

Only two things needed to invite your friends to Plutus Wallet: Get your referral code and share it with your friends

Invite Friends Screen

You can find your referral code in the Invite Friends screen. Copy the code using the “Copy Code” button or send a referral link via email, social media post/message or text by using the “Share” button.
In the Invite Screen, you can also see the number of referrals you have and the amount of Plutus Coins you have earned from deals they made.

What else is new?

The latest update is not solely about the new referral bonus program. Our team has redesigned the main screen for improved user experience, and it’s now called Dashboard.
And one final note. You can now add the best portfolios from the leaderboards to your collection with just one tap. Quick and easy, as it should be.

Follow the link to get the new version of Plutus Wallet and earn cryptocurrency with your friends!

If have questions left, visit our FAQ for more information. Feel free to ask us a question directly within the app’s chat.

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