Featured Image of post dedicated to JOT
Featured Image of post dedicated to JOT

Jury.Online Token – The Best Cryptocurrency Coin Of The Previous Week

In our most recent article about the best crypto portfolios of the week, quite a few cryptocurrency coins showed some decent gains last week.  But it was the Jury.Online Token(JOT) that stole the show!
Now let’s get into some more details about this particular cryptocurrency.

What is Jury.Online Token?

The Jury.Online Token (JOT) is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the Ethereum platform. It has a current supply of 18,6 billion tokens with 9 billion in circulation and a market cap equal to 126 thousand USD.

What is it used for?

The Jury.Online Token (JOT) is the utility token used on the Jury.Online platform.
The Jury.Online is developing a blockchain-agnostic protocol of secure communication between the parties of the deal with the possibility to attract independent arbiters that will pass the verdict on the outcome of the deal if it requires their involvement. Since all the changes in the blockchain need to comply with the rules predefined by the protocol specifications, the deal cannot be corrupted or changed by the parties of the deal or any 3rd party.

Jury.Online Token price chart


last week’s JOT coin price chart
last week’s JOT coin price chart


last month’s JOT coin price chart

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