Featured Image of "Meet Plutus Coins"
Featured Image of "Meet Plutus Coins"

Meet Plutus Coins

We are ready to announce our own in-app currency – Plutus Coins. It replaces Satoshi we currently use in Plutus Wallet. Plutus Coins will be utilized to reward users for reaching top places in our Leaderboards and as a daily bonus for using Plutus Wallet every day. More than 3.000.000 Plutus Coins have been given away and that’s just the start!

Plutus Coins

Withdraw your Plutus Coins

We have been testing this feature for some time now and are finally ready to present it to you. From now on, you can transfer your Plutus Coins from Plutus Wallet to your HitBTC account and use them for trading on the exchange.
More supported exchanges will be added in the near future.

Note: The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 Plutus Coins. The maximum withdrawal amount is limited to 100.000 Plutus Coins per day.

Plutus Coins are transferred to your HitBTC account in Ethereum (ETH) – one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market. This means that you can earn real Ethereum with Plutus Wallet!
And what about commission fees? No worries, we’ll take care of them.
We are going to add premium content and features soon, which will be up for grabs with Plutus Coins only. So don’t rush to withdraw them just yet…

You can withdraw your Plutus Coins from the Profile section with a tap of the button.

That is how to withdraw your Plutus Coins

Important: Before Plutus Coins can be withdrawn, you need to have a HitBTC account with your Real Pie connected to it.

If you do not have an account, create one now! It will take only a few minutes.

To transfer Plutus Coins from Plutus Wallet to your HitBTC account, you will need to create a Real Pie first. To create a Real Pie, enable the following permissions on your HitBTC account:

  • Order book, History, Trading balance – enables you to create a Real Pie
  • Place/cancel orders – enables you to manage and rebalance a Real Pie
  • Payment information – enables you to transfer Plutus Coins from your Plutus Wallet account to your HitBTC account.

We need your feedback

Since the last survey, Plutus Wallet has evolved significantly. And while we have a lot of new things in the pipeline, it’s important for us to understand what you guys think about the app in its current state. So please, share your opinion with us by completing our short feedback survey and help Plutus Wallet become even better!  

If have questions left, visit our FAQ for more information. Feel free to ask us a question directly within the app’s chat. We will be glad to help.

Get Plutus Wallet on Google Play and start building your best crypto portfolio.

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