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Catch your lucky pie

Plutus Wallet  —  Catch your lucky pie with the smart cryptocurrency portfolio simulator!

Dear followers, we are welcoming you to the Plutus Wallet official blog!

If you’d like to get a taste of cryptocurrency investing but don’t want to involve real money just yet — try out our new app Plutus Wallet.

Plutus Wallet has a collection of 100+ authentic cryptocurrencies and tokens with live exchange rates, each fully described and categorized. You can create and manage up to 10 Portfolios, compete with your best portfolio against other users for places in the leaderboards and get rewards in Satoshi.

And soon you will be able to link your crypto exchange account with your Plutus Wallet account and manage your real crypto-assets portfolio too!

We’re continuously working on more new features, such as clan competitions. You will be able to connect with your friends, form clans, compete and get rewards.

Right now it’s Android-only app.
You can get it on this link in Google Play store.

Web-version on it’s way and will be ready soon.

We also plan to introduce more new features here in the weeks to come! With your help we’ll create the best cryptocurrency investing experience and build a strong community together, so we are always looking forward to your feedback: support@plutus.ai

Make sure you follow us on our other social profiles: Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit for more updates.

Find more information at our web-site: plutus.ai

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