New Plutus Wallet Update!

new update

Bonuses from profitable Pies and other new features in Plutus Wallet Plutus Wallet is not solely about assisting you in getting to know and understand the mechanics of the cryptocurrency market and building your investment skills. It’s about doing so in the most casual and fun way possible. That is one of the main reasons why we are constantly introducing new features aimed at creating an immersive gamified experience in the world of cryptocurrency. Credits. The new in-app currency for

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Coin of the week – Nano (NANO)

Coin of the week - Nano (NANO)

According to the latest information from analytics platform StipsOculus, Nano cryptocurrency is currently one of the most commented coins on Bitcointalk and Reddit. There are several reasons for this: an unusual form of nano coins airdrop, full emission of all possible coins at the start of the project, meaning everything was immediately distributed so no additional emission and mining, ease of use and high-speed transfers.  Now let’s have a detailed look at the Nano coin price, nano coin value and

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Coin of the week – Chainlink (LINK)

chainlink link

Financial market stability comes at a premium. If you have found a successful strategy, but aren’t prepared for possible market changes, you might pay the price for it. After Bitcoin’s biggest rise since 2017, inevitable correction followed, with many cryptocurrencies dropping in value. However, despite the negative market trend, some crypto coins showed significant growth, most notable  – Chainlink crypto сurrency (LINK). Over the past seven days, the coin’s price increased from $2.26 to $3.55, recording its highest value of

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Time to Update – a Real Pie with unlimited Coins collection in Plutus Wallet!

Unlimited crypto Coins collection for your Real Pie, direct news feed from CoinTelegraph and Coin360 and more in the latest update of Plutus Wallet for Android

Not a week goes by without an update! As you already might notice, Plutus Wallet has received quite a few important updates in the past month – launching the iOS version, releasing the Desktop version and enhancing the Real Pie section. The application’s continuous development is progressing nicely, and today we are pleased to announce another release, full of improvements! Here’s the new Android version with the following changes: – Implemented the ability to add more than 5 currencies to

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Best Crypto Portfolios Of The Past Week: 24 June 2019 

It was quite a week for the crypto market. Bitcoin (BTC) continued its rapid growth, gaining 23.45% and finally punching above 10,000 USD, reaching all-time high since March 2018 with a price of 11,120 USD. Such increase in price was clearly noted by most participants on the crypto market and allowed the overall capitalization to hit the $ 328 billion US dollar mark, according to CoinMarketCap.Now let’s have a more detailed look at the achievements of our users on how

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Plutus Wallet for Desktop released!

Plutus wallet desctop

A few weeks ago we launched Plutus Wallet for iOS, and now we are excited to announce the release of the final part of Plutus Wallet’s lineup – the Desktop version! From now on, you can explore the crypto market using your PC or laptop.  Let’s see how it works First Steps in Plutus Wallet To start using Plutus Wallet’s desktop version, you’ll need to visit first. If you are a new user, create an account by clicking the Register button

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