Plutus as the Crypto Wallet

Plutus as the Crypto Wallet

With the latest update of the Android version of Plutus Wallet, we have significantly expanded the functionality of the Real Pie feature. Now you are able to manage an unlimited number of cryptocurrencies and quickly replenish your account balance.

We are also proud to announce the implementation of one of the most long-awaited features – a wallet for your cryptocurrencies. From now on you can store and manage your crypto assets in real-time with Plutus Wallet!

How does it work?

As you probably already know, Plutus Wallet allows you to manage and store real cryptocurrency by creating a Real Pie and connecting it to the HitBTC crypto exchange. 

To get started, you’ll need an account on the exchange first. How to create one and connect Plutus Wallet to it can be read in our detailed guide – How to create a Real Pie?

There are four main segments in the Wallet screen:

  1. Your current Real Pie account balance in USDT or BTC.
  2. Your Main account and Trading account for each individual cryptocurrency that is in your Real Pie. From here you can manage which crypto assets you would like to use for trading and which you would like to store (i.e., hold).
  3. Three buttons for managing your crypto coins: Deposit, Withdrawal and Transfer. Users can add funds (deposit) to any crypto asset in their Real Pie, and withdraw  them via HitBTC, as well as transferring funds (transfer) between the two account types.

Main and Trading account: what’s the difference?

Basically, these are the two types of balances used in Real Pie. By adding funds to your Real Pie balance, they are automatically added to the Main account of the selected cryptocurrency. You then decide which amount you would like to transfer to the Trading account to start making exchange operations. Funds that are not used in trading continue to be stored on the Main account.

Accordingly, the Main account is designed to add, store and withdraw your crypto assets, while the Trading account is used for all your trading activities.

Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfer: how does it work?

To start trading cryptocurrency, you’ll need to create an account on the exchange and add funds to it first. 

There are two easy ways to do this:

  1. Using the HitBTC exchange client (visit their website for a detailed guide).  
  2. Using Plutus Wallet. You can add funds to your Real Pie balance from the Dashboard screen by tapping the “Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card” button.
add fund

Or by going to the Wallet screen, selecting a crypto coin and tapping the Deposit button.

In both cases, you’ll make use of Changelly – the balance replenishment service, taking two simple steps:

  1. Copy your BTC wallet address and paste it in Changelly.
  2. Transfer funds to your Real Pie balance.

Please note: Changelly supports six cryptocurrencies for deposit: Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Binance Coin (BNB). Other cryptocurrencies are not yet supported.

Regardless of the method of adding funds to your Real Pie balance, the entire balance is stored on the HitBTC exchange, which ensures the safety of storage and use of funds.

Once the funds are added to the Main account, they are available for trading. To start exchanging cryptocurrencies, you need to transfer them to your Trading account. To do this, select a crypto asset in the Wallet screen and tap the “Transfer” button. Confirm the transfer and amount. In a few seconds, the funds will be transferred to the Trading account and will be available for trading.

The withdrawal procedure is very similar to the deposit procedure. In the Wallet screen, select the crypto coin, tap the Withdrawal button, then specify the withdrawal address and amount.

We hope that this detailed guide will answer most of your questions. As you might have seen, the functionality of Plutus Wallet is constantly expanding, and our team is developing several new exciting updates to be released soon. The latest versions of Plutus Wallet are available here: for Android, iOS and Desktop. If you have any questions regarding the app, contact our support team via, or write to us directly on Facebook,  Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.

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