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Release is coming

Plutus Wallet release is coming — hurry up to get your bonus Satoshi!

We got great news for you!

The beta test of the Android-version is coming to an end. Right now we published one of the final Beta-version app update with some various fixes. The official release is not far away and we are now polishing the app so you can have the full and unique Plutus Wallet experience.

That doesn’t mean, that after the release there will be nothing new to look forward too!

We have already scheduled a series of updates for the upcoming months. New coins will be added, as well as new features for creating both virtual and real pies. We’re absolutely committed to continuously improve our app and introduce new features, which will enrich the experience even more.

We very much appreciate our community, which gave us some important feedback to help us and improve Plutus Wallet during beta testing. And we would like to reward them for it.

All users, who have been with us during the beta, have the opportunity to get 5000 Satoshi coins. To receive them on your account, just complete a short feedback survey about your experience with Plutus Wallet. There are just a few questions about the quality of the app which will help us to release it as soon as possible.

Please note: The Satoshi coins will be added to your Plutus Wallet account on release day.

Use the link to survey from the app’s push-notification. Please do not forget to enter your correct email associated with your account when filling out the survey!

All tweaks and updates:
– Added push-notifications
– Updated interface with various hints and tips for a more intuitive user experience
– Added new graphics at the screens

– Improvement of Rebalance and management core-mechanics
– Various bug-fixes

Follow the link to download Plutus Wallet and get your bonus Satoshi now!

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