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Time to update  —  Try to catch the Real Pie with HitBTC exchange!

Dear Plutus Wallet followers,

Today we finally share with you some news about a new version of Plutus Wallet, that we’ve been working for the last month. It includes some major updates.

The most important feature: from now one you can connect Plutus Wallet to your HitBTC account and creating a real portfolio, using a data from your account. More exchanges will be supported in the near future.

How it works: If you have already have a HitBTC account, use the Public and Secret keys from Settings>API keys to connect Plutus Wallet to the HitBTC exchange. If you don’t have a HitBTC account, follow the link (https://hitbtc.com/), create it, get your keys and connect it to the app. You can do it by add the new pie in your portfolio and choose “Real Pie” option.

Impotant: For it to work correctly, you need to approve the following API key access rights in your HitBTC account settings: Order book, History, Trading balance and Place/cancel orders. Without this approval, the connection with HitBTC will not work.

⭐All tweaks and updates:

– Added сonnection to the HitBTC exchange using API keys 
– Added new virtual portfolio capacity: 1 BTC / 1000 USDT
– Updated interface with various hints and tips for a more intuitive user experience
– Live chat with developers is up and running
– Login troubleshooting added
– Added new animations at the screens
– Added new coins with relevant logos and descriptions
– FAQ updated and extended

– Improvement of Rebalance and management core-mechanics
– Various bug-fixes

Follow the link to get the new version of Plutus Wallet!

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Find more information on our website: https://plutus.ai

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