Featured Image of StockChain Coin - The Best Cryptocurrency Coin Of The Past Week

StockChain Coin – The Best Cryptocurrency Coin Of The Past Week

In our latest article about the best crypto portfolios of the week, we’ve singled out the StockChain Coin (SCC). Although other cryptocurrency coins showed decent results, the StockСhain Coin had the biggest growth of them all. Now let’s get into some more details about this cryptocurrency coin.

About StockChain Coin (SCC)

StockChain Coin (SCC) is a cryptocurrency token which operates on the Ethereum platform. Currently, it has a supply of 10 billion tokens with an unknown amount of tokens in circulation.

What is it used for?

StockChain (SCC) is a utility token of the StockChain platform used for all transactions on this platform.

StockChain is a decentralized cryptocurrency quotation and exchange platform with the data from the exchanges all over the world uploaded to the chain to benefit its global users. StockChain is dedicated to promote the healthy development and built a better future of the cryptocurrency market.

StockChain Coin price chart


last week’s SCC coin price chart


last month’s SCC coin price chart

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