How to reach the Leaderboards top in Plutus Wallet?

"How to reach the Leaderboards top?"
"How to reach the Leaderboards top?"

Dear Plutus Wallet followers, It’s time to talk about Leaderboards and how they’re working. What is a Leaderboard? Leaderboards are one of the oldest social features used in games. It increases the level of competition amongst players by ranking them in different ways with the aim of creating a more immersive experience. In Plutus Wallet, the Leaderboards work exactly the same way. We hope that the competitive spirit will help you achieve even greater results. How do the leaderboards works

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Rebalance your Crypto Portfolio with Plutus Wallet

Dear Plutus Wallet followers, Now that we’ve covered the functionality of Pie Management and Pie Allocation, it’s time to talk about another important element – Rebalancing. What is a rebalance? Cryptocurrency portfolio rebalancing is one of the essential strategies used by investors. Why is that and how does cryptocurrency rebalancing work? Let’s find out. As exchange rates fluctuate, the initial target allocations set for the cryptocurrency Coins within your Pie will shift. This may result in a Pie that no

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Build the Crypto Portfolio of your dreams

"Build the Crypto Portfolio of your dreams" picture
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In one of previous posts, we told you about the coins and live exchange rates in Plutus Wallet. These two elements are a big part of the main mechanics of the app — building your ideal crypto portfolio! Building Your Crypto Portfolio in Plutus Wallet To start building your portfolio, create a Pie and add cryptocurrencies to it. Let us clarify the difference between […]

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Plutus Wallet released on Google Play!

"The official Plutus Wallet release"

The day has come — Plutus Wallet is officially released on Google Play Store! A lot of work has gone into developing the Android-app. And now it is as close as possible to the idea of what we initially wanted to create. We are grateful to our users, which helped us improve the android-app for the last few months. During testing, Plutus Wallet was installed by more than 7,000 users! […]

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Time to update  —  Try to catch the Real Pie with HitBTC exchange!

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Dear Plutus Wallet followers, Today we finally share with you some news about a new version of Plutus Wallet, that we’ve been working for the last month. It includes some major updates. The most important feature: from now one you can connect Plutus Wallet to your HitBTC account and creating a real portfolio, using a data from your account More exchanges will be supported in the near future. [...]

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Plutus Wallet  —  Catch your lucky pie with the smart cryptocurrency portfolio simulator!

"Catch your lucky pie" picture
Catch your lucky pie

Dear followers, we are welcoming you to the Plutus Wallet official blog! If you’d like to get a taste of cryptocurrency investing but don’t want to involve real money just yet — try out our new app Plutus Wallet. Plutus Wallet has a collection of 100+ authentic cryptocurrencies and […]

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