Changelly Review Firsthand: Instant Crypto-to-Crypto Exchanger

Today we’d like to introduce our colleagues from the Changelly – instant cryptocurrency exchange service. They have been working in this business field for four years already and proved themselves as a convenient and reliable service. Hence, today we’ll be happy to share some facts as well as tips on the process of exchanging cryptocurrency through Changelly instant cryptocurrency exchanger. Let’s start by analyzing the current crypto market state. There is no certain price trend in the cryptocurrency market at

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How to Create a Real Pie with Binance

How to Create a Real Pie with BinanceHow to Create a Real Pie with Binance

With the latest update, Plutus Wallet has implemented the support for the Binance crypto exchange, one of the largest trading platforms. This will give our users a significant increase in the number of trading pairs to choose from and will provide more tools and strategies to create and manage crypto portfolios.  Here’s a quick guide on how to connect your Real Pie to the Binance exchange. STEP 1: Registration To take full advantage of the support for the new platform,

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Meet Binance Exchange in Plutus Wallet for Android!

Meet Binance Exchange in Plutus Wallet for Android

Two is always better than one, and having a choice is always better than its absence. We understood this once we added HitBTC exchange support to Plutus Wallet. Users need to be able to choose various trading platforms. Our team has been working all this time to add support for more exchanges. Well, the time has come! The new update includes Binance exchange support and can be downloaded from Google Play. But there is more! The new Take Profit /

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The Best Crypto Exchanges: A Beginner’s Guide

When you start exploring the cryptocurrency market, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with the amount of new information and data. Various platforms, charts and tools might not make much sense to you at first glance, but in reality, there is a clear logic behind it all. To develop an understanding of it all, simply start examining the main aspects of the crypto market, one step at a time.  In this article, we will try to explain how the crypto market operates

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