Plutus Wallet release is coming — hurry up to get your bonus Satoshi!

"Release is coming" picture
Release is coming

We got great news for you! The beta test of the Android-version is coming to an end. Right now we published one of the final Beta-version app update with some various fixes. The official release is not far away and we are now polishing the app so you can have the full and unique Plutus Wallet experience. That doesn’t mean, that after the release there will be nothing new to look forward too! [...]

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Plutus Wallet  —  Catch your lucky pie with the smart cryptocurrency portfolio simulator!

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Catch your lucky pie

Dear followers, we are welcoming you to the Plutus Wallet official blog! If you’d like to get a taste of cryptocurrency investing but don’t want to involve real money just yet — try out our new app Plutus Wallet. Plutus Wallet has a collection of 100+ authentic cryptocurrencies and […]

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